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Embracing God's Model for the Home!
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Our History

In 1974 the seeds were planted into Clarence’s heart that would eventually lead to his passion for the family. As a young man, he found himself praying this heartfelt prayer, “Lord, I want a happy home.” God has honored that request and added to it seven wonderful children and fourteen beautiful grandchildren. Clarence and his lovely wife, Susan, have been on the frontlines of parenting for nearly forty years.

Embracing God’s model for the home works 100% of the time. Experience has also proven, without exception, every person’s dream of a happy home can and should be a reality. Now that’s real hope!


We can help you optimize your leadership where it matters most... at home!


Our Philosophy

Celebrating family by embracing God’s model for the home!

We indeed celebrate family, God’s first institution. The family is the blueprint for the Gospel, the bedrock of culture, the building block of growing churches, and the crucible of godly character. 

 The Montgomery Line DNA is built upon the basic Biblical Principles found in the acrostic, RISE, which supports a healthy home.



espect for All



ntegrity above All



ervice to All



xcellence in All



Empowering parents to lead themselves and equip others!

We show dads and moms how to have kids most parents only dream about having. We do that best through faith-based, family-friendly products and experiences.


To enlist an army of one-million-strong homes committed to embracing God’s model for their home.

We invite you to become a part of this mighty movement.


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