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Are You Your Husband's Mother?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

In his classic children’s book Are You My Mother?, P. D. Eastman tells the delightful story about a baby bird that hatches from its shell while the mother bird is away from the nest. Going on an arduous search for its mother, the baby bird asks numerous animals and other things, “Are you my mother?". Upon being reunited, the mother bird lovingly cares for her baby. This adorable children’s story emphasizes the nurturing instinct that mothers have. Females are naturally born with a

mothering instinct.

Sometimes though, if females are not careful, that mothering instinct can be brought into the husband/wife relationship. Some women interpret the term helpmeet to mean that they must “help” their husband navigate his life. God designed the husband to lead the family. Here are some practical ways that a wife can refrain from mothering her husband, thus encouraging him to lead.

1. Occasionally say, “I like the way you…” (insert something that your husband does well).

2. While traveling together when your husband is driving, avoid being the proverbial “backseat driver.”

3. Ask his opinion. When he gives an opinion that differs from yours, avoid getting mad and defensive.

4. Run from the tendency to correct your husband in front of others.

By allowing your husband to lead, it is less likely that your husband will ever ask you, “Are you my mother?”

(Credit for the above illustration goes to Illustrator, P. D. Eastman)

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