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Barking Up the “Right” Tree

The other day our ten-year old jack Russell had once again treed his treasured friend, Mr. Squirrel. While dancing around the large oak tree and barking with all his small body could muster, he knew for a fact he was barking up the ‘right’ tree.

All the facts where on his side - the scent, the sight, and the sound of the little critter’s chatter were unquestionable evidence that he had the correct tree. When we are leading our homes, we can be sure that the outcome is favorable by looking at the abundant evidence that supports that projected result. God’s Word gives the master plan on how our homes should operate.

Follow it and you will be blessed. Don’t follow it and all the evidence assures you that there will be regrets. There is no more frustrating event than to be barking up the ‘wrong’ tree. But there is no more fulfilling event than to see the promising evidence that you are barking up the ‘right’ tree!

Question: What better confirmation that you are going the right direction than the very Word of God? Now that is something to dance and bark about!

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