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Game On!

The whistle blows and two football teams meet in the center of the field. Within a few moments the twenty-two players are fully engaged and are fully aware in the approximately ninety minutes there will be a winner and a loser.

But for now, it is all out on! All the previous preparation, all the focus, all the skills are brought to bear on this moment. Today, we as Kingdom men and women are brought to center stage in the contest of the ages. The opponent is the arch enemy of the truth, Satan himself.

The great war is over who will win the hearts and minds of the children and the control of the homes of God's people. An all-out attack has been unleashed for not only the hearts and minds, but even the very bodies of your children and grandchildren. Indeed, its game on!

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary leaders of extraordinary homes.

It is time to leave it all on the field for the sake of your home, your family. The era of passivity is over. So, who will win or maybe you are asking, "Can we win?" Great news and great hope.

We, as people committed to embracing God's model for the home win...decisively win!

"Through God we shall valiantly..." Psalm 60:12

It is game on...not game over!

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