If a House Could Talk

Wouldn’t it be interesting if a house could talk?

This vacant, old house (pictured) is located on a rural road near where I live. My family passes by it multiple times each week.

When leisurely riding past this old house, it is easy to wonder what life was like for the people that lived under its roof.

Was it a happy home? Did a lot of laughter take place there? Were the parents harsh or were they loving? What are the children raised in that home doing now?

Then I thought… what if my house could talk? What would my family say about living within its walls?

Living a life of integrity at home is the true test. It’s so easy to act one way in public but another way at home.

Without a doubt, every home has its trials, but as we go through life’s challenges, may we respond with love and encouragement toward those living under our roof.

Even though a house cannot verbally talk, the people that live in that home make memories there. They carry those memories with them.

May each of us so live that the people within the walls of our house say that home is a pleasant place to be.

What if your house could talk? What would it say?

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