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If a House Could Talk

Wouldn’t it be interesting if houses could talk? What would they say about the happenings within their walls?

There is a vacant, old house located on a rural road near where I live in southeast Georgia. This house is unpainted and rather rickety. Surrounded by fields, it looks to have been a family farmhouse from multiple decades ago.

While riding my bicycle past this old house one day, the thought occurred to me… what if that house could talk?

What would it tell us about its former inhabitants? It is easy to wonder what life was like for the people that once lived under its roof.

Was it a happy home? Did a lot of laughter take place there?

Then I thought… what if my house could talk? What would it say about the family happenings within its walls?

I recently heard about a group of entrepreneurial men sharing in a mastermind setting.

A few of these successful businessmen heartbrokenly told how they had put their careers ahead of their families. Now they do not have a close relationship with their children.

When parents put their careers ahead of their families, they may be “crushing it” in their business only to find that their family relationships in their house are being crushed.

Looking back over the missed opportunities at home, these “successful” businessmen wished they could do it over again. No success outside the home compensates for failure inside the home.

Even though a house cannot verbally talk, the people that live in that home make memories there. They carry those memories with them.

May each of us so live that the people within the walls of our house can say that home is a pleasant, uplifting place to be.

What if your house could talk? What would it say?

“We need to say no to more and more in our work so we

can say yes to more and more in our homes.”

-Charles Swindoll

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