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Biblical Home Design

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

There comes a time in everyone's life where they need to come to terms with their world view. For how you see life (your perspective) is critical not only in the journey of life but also in the outcome of it.

Your home is the greatest determiners of so many aspects of life. Think about it, the home is the crucible of character-building for your children, the cornerstone of society, and the very bedrock for a nation. When God built the home, He built it to last. A home built on anything other than the foundation of the person Jesus Christ will never know the lasting impact and the present fulfillment it could have.

The God factor absolutely makes the difference between just surviving or enthusiastically thriving!

You see your home is a reflection of the designer of it. Your home mirrors the very tastes of the colors, the unique style of the building, and the appeal of the exterior. The heart of the designer can be seen in the finished product of your family and home.

Questions to ask yourself are:

"What kind of picture does your home look like?"

"Who has been designing your home?

"Could it be time to embrace the Master designer's model for Your home?

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