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Steppin' on the Gas and Goin' Nowhere

Just a few days ago I got ready for a usual Monday date with my bride. After having started the car, I stepped on the accelerator and I was surprised. For I only heard the noise of the revving engine, the scenery was all the same for I was still in the same spot I started in.

I had everything right and even anticipated the normal movement. Come to find out, it was a relatively simple fix; it was the failure to put the car in gear.

Far too often we find ourselves sitting in the driveway of life, never even making it to the road just a few yards away. Why is that? I believe it is because it is we get busy doing all the urgent things, running from one event to another…revving our engines. Only to realize we don’t have our life in gear or should I say the right gear.

Let’s do ourselves (and everyone we live with) a favor. Make sure you have your life in gear before attempting to move. Yes, make time to reflect on your life so you can get it in the right gear. For starters make sure your faith gear (relationship with God) is engaged before making your next move.

That way…

The next time you are steppin’ on the gas you’ll be goin’ somewhere instead of nowhere, all because you took the time… to have it in gear!

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