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The Caterpillar Miracle

Every spring a marvelous display of transformation is presented to us. All of nature is in perfect sync much like a great orchestra. This happens consistently year after every year without fail.

Along with the monumental exhibits of such a conversion comes a smaller example of something often overlooked - the caterpillar. The caterpillar assumes the role of a “not-so beautiful” fuzzy worm for a few days. But in a matter of a short time, he finds itself encased in a restrictive cocoon.

It’s hard to imagine that in just a few more days that once unattractive worm will be transformed into a delicate, graceful butterfly. Do you find that life has become rather restrictive and is closing in on you? Maybe it’s time to change your thinking and let people and circumstances have their intended effect so you can blossom into a beautiful person God intended you to be.

Are you needing a miracle in your life? Are you finding you are in a tight place with your relationships, finances, spiritually, etc.? My friend you are moments or days away from taking flight…just ask the caterpillar!

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