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Speaking Opportunities

Our goal as speakers is to encourage and equip your people with actionable steps in marriage success, parenting, leadership, and personal development.

As experienced communicators and parents of 7 children and 14 grandchildren, we totally understand the critical role that parents play. The success of your organization truly depends on the quality of the homes of your personnel.


We have delivered at numerous speaking events in both private and public settings. We are both actively involved with leading a weekly couples’ life group.

Topics We Speak On

Most often our topics are on marriage, parenting, child discipline, Biblical leadership, and family issues. We can adapt a presentation for your unique situation and audience.

Here are some of the titles of our talks:

✔  God’s Dream Home

 ✔ Become A Crown to Your Husband (Ladies)

  The Authentic Man

  Biblical Child Discipline

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Our Pledge To You and Your Audience:


You absolutely can depend on us to:

  • Be 100% ready, energized, and relevant

  • Be approachable and available to audience before, during, and after meeting

  • Honor all schedule and meeting constraints

  • Be transparent and accountable with all communication

  • Be respectful and appropriate with language… nothing off color or offensive

It's not so much what happens in the White House, it's what happens in Your house that matters!

Our Speaking Bio

Clarence and Susan believe that successful home leadership is not accidental, but rather, very intentional. Their Biblical, relevant, and counter-culture way of leading a home is a much-needed breath of fresh air in today’s world.

If you look for them on a typical weekday, you will find them working on the development of family-friendly content and products. On a casual day, you will probably find them attending a function of one of their grandkids or riding their bikes on the rural roads near their home in southeast Georgia. 

If you would like to explore the possibility of our involvement in your event, please click the “Let’s Talk” button below.

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Reinforce your disciplined lifestyle by enhancing your Marriage.

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